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Welcome to Harper Life Online.

This facility is exclusively for Harper Adams alumni and will enable you to:

  • check and update your own details
  • decide which information you wish other alumni to see
  • including a photograph and a message
  • search for other Harper Adams alumni

If we already have your email address you can obtain a Password reminder from the link on the left of the screen

Your Username is usually your initials and surname (no spaces). However a few Usernames will have changed to make them unique by adding the year of entry at the end e.g. If you entered Harper in 1994 and have common initials and surname, such as JSmith, try JSmith1994. Alternatively please contact the Alumni Office by clicking the link below

Problems logging in? email haclub@harper-adams.ac.uk
To join the Harper Adams Club: see www.harper-adams.ac.uk/alumni

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With your help Harper Life Online will become a useful social and business directory for Harper Adams Club members, including links to members' websites for further information.

This improved facility will allow you to easily view details about other Harper Adams Club members and to search for those in your area or with specific interests.

Its success will depend on each member keeping their information up-to-date and disclosing it for use by other members.